Implementation Guide

Using Best Video Api is very simple. The movies can be found using the IMDB ID ex: tt0085334. The only thing you have to do is to add the iframe code to your website where you want the player to appear. Just don't forget to replace the video_id for each individual movie and to change the appropriate width and height sizes for your theme.

Example code for A Christmas Story movie (IMDB ID: tt0085334)

Our iframes work great in responsive design websites too.

What happens if the movie is not in found?

Our database has 27138 streaming links and is growing every day, but even like this, you can find movies which are not in our directory yet (we can assure you it can't be an important movie because the TOP 100 titles for each of the last 30 years are already in our index). In this case, if the movie has already been released online (we can't provide streaming links for films that will be released in the future), our bot will automatically find the movie and add it to the upload queue and will be available in no more than a couple of hours (depends on how many movies are on the queue in that moment).

What happens if a movie is deleted?

Our bot is working 24/7 and checks all the high traffic movies every 12 hours and the rest of the movies every 24 hours. When it finds broken links it automatically searches for new one and replaces the dead one.

How can you get you site listed on our front page?

Actually, it's very easy... you only have to do this two important things:

  1. Start using our streaming links as your main link for all the movies on your website.
  2. Send us a message to and we will review your website (will check if you use our links) and then add it to our front page.