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As you already know, the most difficult part of having a streaming website is finding the movies and keeping them live, as they often get deleted after DMCA complains. This service makes it easy for you. Our bot is constantly crawling through many websites and search engines looking for streaming links. Currently, our database contains 27138 streaming links and is growing every day.

How is it working? Very simple, you have to put on your website a normal embed code using our dedicated links. How do you find the link to each movie? Just use our domain name followed by the IMDB ID of the particular movie you need, ex: http://vplus.ucoz.com/tt1071875

Why is our service better then videospider.in or vidsource.com? Because is faster, you don't need to create accounts and request API keys, we don't limit the number of times your user can access our links, and the most important we are constantly checking our database for broken links and automatically replace them. We do this every 24h so you can forget about the quality of the links, broken links, or searching and uploading movies.

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